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Making the Case for Corporate Community Engagement

August 2017 0

Manion opened the panel by discussing employee engagement with respect to sustainability, saying, “we really think about employee engagement as a key driver of the…

Panel Discussion: Diversity In the Workplace

August 2017 0

Kraten opened the panel by showing a video produced by Deloitte highlighting its commitment to diversity in the workplace. Kraten then asked Barton about Deloitte's…

Supply Chain Management Panel

July 2017 0

The panel began with DeHihns invoking imagery of the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl to remind the audience that sustainability issues are not as…

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Introducing the NYSSCPA’ s New 501(c)(3): The Moynihan Scholarship…

July 2017 0

In 2015, the NYSSCPA leadership established the Moynihan Fund as a way to recognize the contributions of recently deceased past

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August 2017 0

We would like to thank Howard Levy for his complimentary and complementary letter on our article. We initially included most