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Choosing an Annuity in 2014: The Effects of Low Interest Rates and Higher Tax Rates

This author’s May 2012 CPA Journal article, “Choosing an Annuity: What Accountants Need to Know,” remains a comprehensive primer on the various types of annuities available to individuals and discusses in detail estate and income tax treatments of those annuities.

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Publisher's Column

Essential Tax Aspects of Hedge Fund Investments

The investing universe for high-net-worth individuals has recently
expanded to include such alternative investments as hedge funds and other private equity firms. Concurrent with these new investing opportunities is the trend for CPAs to obtain the certified personal financial specialist (PFS) designation, one aspect of which is demonstrated knowledge of various aspects of investments. Full Story

Walking the Walk:
Adding Action to Advocacy

For years, U.S. law has allowed American multinational corporations to employ tax inversion strategies in order to reduce their corporate tax rate. You probably know how it works: the U.S. corporation merges with a foreign one in a country with a more favorable corporate tax rate, incorporates there, and voilà—a smaller tax bill and the same benefits the company enjoyed as a U.S. corporation.
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Implications of Investments in Equities versus Treasuries

Individual investors often lack an understanding of investment risks. As a result, many take either insufficient or excessive risk, rather than the reasonable investment risk likely to help them reach their financial goals. From a long-term perspective, ultraconservative investing with insufficient risk has proven to be a mistake. While history is no guarantee, investors can adopt better investment tactics if they have a strong understanding of basic investing tenets.
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