Feature Articles

ICYMI | Questioning the Effectiveness of Independent Audit Committees

May 2018 0

In Brief At the root of over a decade of regulation and best practices is the premise that the structure and independence of a company’s…

Reporting on Audits Conducted Under Dual Standards

May 2018 0

As noted by the PCAOB in its Release 2017-001: “there are situations in which an auditor may be required by law or regulation, or voluntarily…

ICYMI | Top Challenges Facing Not-for-Profit CFOs Today

May 2018 0

Much has been written over the past several years, and especially in the last few months, about the evolving role of the CFO in the…

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The Decision Relevance of Financial Reporting

March 2018 0

  In the past few years, three major accounting standards—revenue recognition, leases, and financial instruments—have been the subject of discussion

October 2017 Issue

Pitfalls of New York’s Driver License Requirement

November 2017 0

Tax season is only two months away, and while there is much uncertainty surrounding the probability of real federal tax

Letters to the Editor

Clarification on Alternative Dispute Resolution

March 2018 0

Our article in the December 2017 issue of the Journal, “Alternative Dispute Resolution for Accounting and Related Services Disputes,” makes the