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Detecting and Resolving ‘Dirty’ Data

October 2022 0

In Brief Although business's increasing utilization of technology to drive operational decisions has meant a greater reliance on data, it is exceedingly rare that an…

An Overview of the SEC’s Proposed Climate-Related Disclosures

September 2022 0

In Brief Corporations have long grappled with the question of how to report the potential impact of climate-related risks on their business. Recent years have…

ICYMI | Using Data Visualization To Help Uncover Fraud

September 2022 0

In Brief Wirecard, one of Germany's largest financial services companies, had long been suspected of employing questionable accounting methods before its auditor publicly announced in…


ICYMI | Employee Turnover Is Impacting Not-for-Profits Too

September 2022 0

Over the past two years, Americans have quit their jobs in record numbers. According to the U.S. Labor Department, 47.4

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ICYMI | The Exodus from New York due to…

September 2021 0

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has significantly impacted nearly everything, including businesses, individuals, and CPAs grappling with its effects upon state

Publisher's Column

Embedding Sustainability into Practice

September 2022 0

Our latest issue is all about sustainability, often defined as long-term value creation. For New York State CPAs, that sustainability

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ICYMI | Smoke and Mirrors

June 2022 0

Change is in the air for accounting. Many promises have been made about increasing diversity, particularly for Black accountants. But

Smoke and Mirrors

January 2022 0