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From Practitioner to Professor

September 2017 0

Universities are facing a significant shortage of qualified accounting faculty, and many existing faculty are close to retirement age. Working as a professor is not…

A Positive Look at Accounting Education

September 2017 0

In Brief As the demands placed on professionals in all fields continue to change rapidly, particular attention has been paid to accounting education programs. There…

What’s Going On in Business Schools? Part II

September 2017 0

In 1990, William Weiss wrote “What's Going On in Business Schools?” (Management Accounting, May 1990), a critical look at a business and accounting academic environment that did…

Publisher's Column

NYSSCPA Board Seeks Members

August 2017 0

The board of directors of a nonprofit organization has three primary legal fiduciary duties: duty of care, duty of loyalty,

Letters to the Editor

Serving the Public Interest

September 2017 0

Corporate activities in 2017 were in many ways different from those of 1997. There were approximately 46,000 multinational corporations (MNCs)