Feature Articles

Exploring the Use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in Substantive Audit Procedures

August 2019 0

Although audit practice has been improved over the last 30 years by the incorporation of office software such as Microsoft Excel and Word, working paper…

How to Know Where Critical Data Reside

August 2019 0

A previous column discussed the value of data, how it is monetized by bad actors, and how executives typically do not understand the answer to…

The Accountant’s Role in Advertising

August 2019 0

The advertising industry has recently earned its place in corporate infamy, as several well-publicized disagreements between the largest agencies in the business and their clients…

October 2017 Issue

Pitfalls of New York’s Driver License Requirement

November 2017 0

Tax season is only two months away, and while there is much uncertainty surrounding the probability of real federal tax

Letters to the Editor

‘Firing’ Bad Clients

February 2019 0

I have to take issue with Jason Ackerman's column, “It's Time to Fire Bad Clients” on “firing” bad clients (October