Feature Articles

A Lost Opportunity for the Profession

May 2019 0

The 2019 tax filing season was a missed opportunity for the CPA profession. This was the year to get ahead of the new tax laws…

FASB’s New Guidance for Contributions Received and Contributions Made

May 2019 0

Over the years, there has been much confusion about whether to treat certain types of transactions as contributions or as exchanges, especially when they involve…

To Audit or Not to Audit

May 2019 0

For many public accounting firms, the client acquisition decision often follows a common cost-benefit analysis; beyond the consideration of additional revenue generated, scheduling constraints, opportunity…

October 2017 Issue

Pitfalls of New York’s Driver License Requirement

November 2017 0

Tax season is only two months away, and while there is much uncertainty surrounding the probability of real federal tax

Letters to the Editor

‘Firing’ Bad Clients

February 2019 0

I have to take issue with Jason Ackerman's column, “It's Time to Fire Bad Clients” on “firing” bad clients (October