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ICYMI | Employee Retention: The State of Engagement in Public Accounting Firms and Why It…

January 2020 0

One of the most challenging issues facing leaders in the public accounting profession is the high rate of employee turnover. A recent survey finds that…

ICYMI | Considerations for Women Starting Their Own CPA Practice

January 2020 0

Do you think about opening your own CPA practice and working for yourself instead of working for others? If so, you're not alone. While women…

ICYMI | Improving the Advancement and Retention of Women CPAs

January 2020 0

According to the 2017 CPA Firm Gender Study performed by the AICPA's Women's Initiatives Executive Committee (WIEC), women make up only 22% of partners in…

September 2019 Issue

CPA Licensing and Unintended Consequences

September 2019 0

Professional licensing has always been what makes a CPA a CPA. Those three simple letters stand for years of dedicated

Letters to the Editor

Regarding CPA Exam Performance and the Accounting Curriculum

December 2019 0

I recognize that the article “CPA Exam Performance” (Stephen E. Rau, Brian M. Nagle, and K. Bryan Menk, September 2019, http://bit.ly/2NhwIvq)