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Did the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Really Lower Corporate Taxes?

December 2021 0

In Brief The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) of 2017 modified several aspects of corporate income tax rules, including a key change to the…

Tax Software in the Ongoing Pandemic Environment

December 2021 0

In Brief CPAs continued to deal with a global pandemic during the 2021 tax season, requiring many tax practitioners to work from home, often while…

ICYMI | Whistleblowing Intentions for Internal Auditors

December 2021 0

In Brief Financial fraud represents a serious threat to financial markets, and it has long been noted that whistleblowing can be an important deterrent to…

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ICYMI | The Exodus from New York due to…

September 2021 0

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has significantly impacted nearly everything, including businesses, individuals, and CPAs grappling with its effects upon state

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What We Can Do Together

August 2021 0

While we all have ideas about changing the world, there are very few individuals with the resources and capacity to

Be the Future

April 2021 0

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Voices of the Profession: Reflecting on the State of…

October 2021 0

Editor's Note: On the occasion of the CPA Journal's 90th anniversary, Editorial Review Board Member and NYSSCPA Director-at-Large Orumé Hays convened a panel of