Feature Articles

ICYMI | Leveraging Common Sense in Building an Effective ERM Program

April 2020 0

In Brief The risk of fraud or noncompliance with rules and regulations is ever present in the current business and legal environment. Managing this risk…

Can Privately Held and Government Entities Present Condensed Interim Financial Information?

March 2020 0

Since 1973, GAAP (APB Opinion 28) has recognized the acceptability of presenting condensed interim information by public companies as provided for in Article 10 of…

ICYMI | The Way We Were

March 2020 0

The Lawyer's duty is first of all to his client, and that duty frequently compels him to avail himself of technicalities and other means of…

February 2020 Issue

Making Progress in Albany on Electronic Signatures

February 2020 0

In many things, New York is a recognized leader, standing at the forefront of finance, culture, and innovation. Yet it

Letters to the Editor

Regarding CPA Exam Performance and the Accounting Curriculum

December 2019 0

I recognize that the article “CPA Exam Performance” (Stephen E. Rau, Brian M. Nagle, and K. Bryan Menk, September 2019, http://bit.ly/2NhwIvq)