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The Fraud Diamond

June 2024 0

In Brief It has been nearly 20 years since, in the pages of the Journal, the authors introduced the Fraud Diamond—a novel extension of the long-established Fraud…

Digital Assets/Cryptocurrency

June 2024 0

About the Panelists The first panel of the afternoon, “Digital Assets/Cryptocurrency,” focused on what auditors need to know about these interrelated cutting-edge technologies. The panel…

ESG: Environmental, Social, and Governance Issues

May 2024 0

About the Panelists The second panel of the morning, “ESG,” focused environmental, social, and governance topics facing auditors and their clients. The participants included Alyssa Rade,…


ICYMI | What CPAs Need to Know about Employee…

January 2024 0

Most taxpayers have likely received a solicitation recently claiming that they may be entitled to thousands of dollars in employee

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The Divergent Accountant

June 2024 0

“I was told once, when I mentioned having ADHD, ‘You aren't going to get special treatment just because you can't

Publisher's Column

Embedding Sustainability into Practice

October 2022 0

Our latest issue is all about sustainability, often defined as long-term value creation. For New York State CPAs, that sustainability

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ICYMI | Smoke and Mirrors

June 2023 0

Change is in the air for accounting. Many promises have been made about increasing diversity, particularly for Black accountants. But

Smoke and Mirrors

January 2022 0