This month marks our annual technology issue. Technology advances present new capabilities for businesses, but, increasingly, they also represent increased complexity, risk, and potential liability. Several articles in this issue cover both sides of the subject and provide advice on how CPAs can take advantage of opportunities while minimizing the potential downside.

The U.S. economy’s slow recovery has been accompanied by the expanding adoption of new technologies. But investing in (or acquiring) such assets presents possible risks alongside potential growth. Yigal Rechtman and Guido Gabriele discuss the implications of technology adoption and acquisition for growing businesses.

The proliferation of mobile devices in recent years has had a far-reaching effect on how business is done. Paul Lin describes how the use of business analytics by accounting and finance professionals can now be leveraged on mobile platforms for expanded access and flexibility. Mobile commerce is also expanding the reach of entrepreneurs and broadening the services that can be provided in the “sharing economy.” Thomas Tribunella and Heidi Tribunella cover common accounting and tax apps that CPAs advising such microenterprises should be familiar with.

From another perspective, the risks presented by new technologies are not all that different from the traditional risks that businesses have always faced. Joel Lanz argues that CPAs, long recognized as leading information management professionals, are well positioned to understand these risks—and, ultimately, must take responsibility for communicating and presenting them to management in terms that they can understand.