Greetings Fellow Members and CPAs. Welcome to an ever-changing world! I have written this phrase in December 2022, but it could also apply to 2020, 2002, 1997, or even 1897.

Recently, I celebrated my 25th “birthday,” as I became a licensed CPA on December 12, 1997. A quarter of a century ago, that much-younger version of me would never have expected the amazing opportunities to come from becoming a CPA. Similarly, that younger me, who was transitioning from audits on green ledger paper to fully electronic workpapers, would be amazed at just how much the business world would change in 25 years. What we take for granted in 2022—pocket-sized computers masquerading as telephones, fully remote and electronic client services, meetings that can place persons from multiple locations around the world on one screen—would have seemed revolutionary, perhaps even unimaginable, back in 1997.

For so many of us, it can feel like change is happening faster than we can keep up.

But the reality of the certified public accounting profession, which first began with legislation passed in 1896 here in the great state of New York, is that we’ve always lived in an ever-changing world. Irrespective of the year, CPAs have always been at the forefront of that change.

With that in mind, this issue shines a light on our ever-changing world, especially one still grappling with the effects and stress from the effects of COVID-19, and topics such as ESG and DEI.

As we move beyond the “Covid Era,” every organization has faced tough decisions about how best to adapt to this new, and still-changing, environment. Several articles this month deal with the topic of stress in the professional workplace. Also featured in this issue is the annual NYSSCPA-Rosenberg Practice Management Survey. This year’s focus is on how the profession has met the challenges of the “Covid Era,” which has been transformational.

Whether you work at a small firm or a large corporation, these topics are increasingly relevant to your daily workflow. I encourage all CPAs to maintain an open mind and focus on how to turn the challenges of today’s work-place into business opportunities. After all, our world is ever-changing, and our ability to adapt (and stay relevant) is a hallmark of the CPA profession.

Ever Upward!

Calvin Harris, CPA (Md.). NYSSCPA CEO.