In Memoriam

The term “mensch” is a Yiddish word meaning “a person of integrity, morality, and dignity, with a sense of what is right and responsible.” That’s a perfect description of Sid Kess.

In the world of taxation, there are few practitioners who go beyond the realm of instruction and leave an indelible mark on those who are fortunate enough to engage with them. Sid Kess was such a person. He had the perfect combination of wisdom, judgement, and guidance. His encyclopedic knowledge of the tax law was well known. But what people may not appreciate is how approachable Sid was—as a mentor, life coach, part-time psychologist, cheerleader, and friend.

Sid’s integrity and dedication were traits that permeated his seminars, articles, and legal/accounting practice. His commitment to ethical tax practice serves as an example for all of us. But his impact extended far beyond his seminars and practice: it resonated in his approach to his clients, colleagues, and life.

Sid consistently set high standards while displaying a humanity that all of us should aspire to achieve. It was an honor to consider him my friend.

He will be missed.

Mark Klein, JD is a partner at Hodgson Russ LLP, New York, N.Y.