The 18th Annual Audit Conference, hosted by Baruch College on November 29, 2023, once again brought together auditors, regulators, standards setters, and preparers to discuss current topics in auditing. The conference’s theme remains “Ensuring Integrity.” The day began with updates from the ASB, SEC, and PCAOB followed by a panel discussion. The prerecorded keynote address was delivered by PCAOB Chair Erica Williams, and new PCAOB board member George Botic joined a live fireside chat with moderator Douglas Carmichael. Panel discussions during the day dealt with different emerging topics relevant to auditors: the growing field of environmental, social, and governance reporting; the treatment of digital assets; and the cutting-edge field of artificial intelligence. The panelists represented a cross-section of the profession, with regulators, practitioners, academics, and other experts all addressing these topics.

The following articles present a condensed summary of the conference. The comments and opinions expressed at the conference and reproduced here represent the speakers’ own views and not necessarily those of their employers or affiliated organizations.