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ICYMI | Private Company Accounting Standards

January 2019 0

The CPA profession has been debating the concept of separate accounting standards for closely held businesses for over 40 years. In the December 1972 Journal of…

Considerations for Women Starting Their Own CPA Practice

December 2018 0

Do you think about opening your own CPA practice and working for yourself instead of working for others? If so, you're not alone. While women…

Employee Retention: The State of Engagement in Public Accounting Firms and Why It Matters

December 2018 0

One of the most challenging issues facing leaders in the public accounting profession is the high rate of employee turnover. A recent survey finds that…

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Voices of the Profession: An Interview with Jeffrey Hales

October 2018 0

This episode of our Voices of the Profession video series features an interview with Jeffrey Hales, a professor at Georgia

October 2017 Issue

Pitfalls of New York’s Driver License Requirement

November 2017 0

Tax season is only two months away, and while there is much uncertainty surrounding the probability of real federal tax

Letters to the Editor

What Is the ‘Cost’ of Audit Committees?

January 2019 0

I read with some concern the article by Arthur J. Radin, “Are Audit Committees Worth the Cost?” published in the