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2022 Editorial Calendar

JANUARY/FEBRUARY:  Accounting and Auditing Outlook
  • Can traditional financial metrics uncover pandemic effects?
  • Credit losses and going concern issues – how to measure?
  • Critical audit matters, matter
  • Accounting, auditing, and financial reporting regulatory updates
  • New rules and updates from SEC, PCAOB, ASB, IIASB, FASB, IASB, and others
MARCH/APRIL: Ethics, Not-for-Profit Organizations, and Government Financial Reporting
  • Updates on exempt organizations
  • How to mitigate risks and identify high-risk areas
  • Anti-money laundering, updates on IRS offshore regulations and assessments, FATCA issues
  • Not-for-profit management and reporting
  • Government accounting and reporting
MAY/JUNE: Tax Outlook & Financial Reporting Update
  • IRS initiatives and priorities—criminal investigation, bankruptcy, and offers in compromise
  • Critical new issues in tax preparation and planning—filing season issues
  • New federal tax legislation and changes
  • Remote workers and the NY State rules on domicile
  • Auditors’ heavy hand on remote workers fleeing NYS
JULY/AUGUST: Technology & Sustainability
  • Cybersecurity and fallout from high-profile data breaches
  • Big data and artificial intelligence—where are we?
  • Transformational issues—virtual auditing, outsourced auditing practices
  • Cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and NFTs
  • Focus on integrated reporting and the six capitals
  • Trends in reporting by public companies—EU Nonfinancial reporting directive
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER: Education, Young Professionals, DEI
  • “Back to school” issue with panel discussion of education issues
  • Changing the accounting curriculum to keep up with the CPA Evolution
  • Bringing practitioners into the classroom, bringing academic research into practice
  • Diversity equity & inclusion in schools and the pipeline
  • Recruitment, selection, and retention
  • The next generation – finding meaning in the profession and employment with purpose
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER: Practice Management & 8th Annual Practice Management Survey
  • Annual Rosenberg practice management survey, including unique NYS content
  • Predictions for 2023 from thought leaders
  • Merger and acquisition trends, new business opportunities
  • Retirement and transition issues; promoting the next generation of managers.
  • Best practices in management; recruitment and retention of staff; dealing with staff shortages
  • Gender and diversity issues in accounting firms