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Editorial Calendar for 2017


  • Current IRS initiatives and priorities and tax legislation. Non-filers, DOJ Updates, preparer penalties, OPR, criminal investigation, bankruptcy and offers in compromise.
  • Includes FAE/IRS Practitioner Conference (November 17/18, 2016)

FEBRUARY ISSUE: Accounting & Auditing Outlook

  • Private company and public company accounting, auditing, and financial reporting issues; regulatory updates from SEC, PCAOB, ASB, FASB and others
  • Audit quality initiatives and measures to prevent audit failures

MARCH ISSUE: Ethics, Risk Management, and Professional Liability

  • How to mitigate risks and identify high risk areas.
  • Virtual currencies, tax liability, anti-money laundering and penalties, updates on IRS offshore regulations and assessments, FATCA issues

APRIL ISSUE: Special issue on Not-for-Profit and Exempt Organizations

  • Highlights of the 38th Annual NFPO Conferences on Jan. 5 & 12
  • Plus government reporting

MAY ISSUE: Highlights of the NYSSCPA Conference on Personal Financial Planning

  • Personal financial planning, investing, retirement planning, asset protection, estates and trusts, business succession.
  • Includes Second Annual PFP Conference with Sid Kess and Baruch College on January 31, 2017.

JUNE ISSUE: Technology and Cyber security

  • Transformational issues —virtual auditing, growth of firms’ outsourced auditing practices.
  • New tax compliance practices, including the offshoring of tax preparation and planning to Bangalore and Beijing.
  • Big Data—the new SEC “robocop” results and Edgar filing advances, including some of the commercial vendors whose new products improve results and reduce rejections.

JULY ISSUE: Special Issue on 2nd Annual NYSSCPA-Hedge Fund Roundtable Conference on Sustainability.

  • Experts from firms, government, NGOs. Keynote speakers potentially including Mervin King, Michael Bloomberg, SEC Chair and others weigh in on the new global leadership with implications in the US.

AUGUST: Special issue on 16th Annual Baruch Financial Reporting Conference

  • Leading standards setters, regulators, and professionals gather to discuss important developments in financial reporting. Speakers and panelists representing preparers, issuers, and users discuss the state of accounting, auditing and financial reporting

SEPTEMBER ISSUE: Education/Preparation/Training of Young Professionals

  • “Back to school” issue. Includes highlights of FAE’s NextGen Conference.

OCTOBER ISSUE: Federal, State, and Local Taxation Annual Update

  • Coverage of changes in the law, regulations and practical tips for handling the new rules at the federal, state and local levels. Practical techniques for applying the new state and local rules on domicile and others.

NOVEMBER ISSUE: Special Issue on the Annual NYSSCPA Tax Software Survey

  • Survey examines new features and tools as well as Member satisfaction with existing products. Introduces new products, new apps and planning tools.

DECEMBER ISSUE: Special issue 3rd Annual Practice Management Survey

  • Includes unique to The CPA Journal content from the Third Annual NYSSCPA/Rosenberg firm practice survey.
  • Merger and acquisition trends, quality of life, gender, and retirement issues; telecommuting, soft skills, managing young professionals; best practices in management; selection, recruitment, and retention of staff; dealing with staff shortages; new business opportunities; and the changing profession.

Please Note:

All information is subject to change without prior notice. This calendar is intended as a rough projection of the topics we are planning for the upcoming year and will be modified as necessary. Authors interested in the above topics should contact the editors. Advertisers interested in receiving a media kit should contact a sales representative.